A Japanese journalist visited Donbass and came to an unexpected conclusion

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MOSCOW, September 13 – RIA Novosti. Donbass does not need an armed conflict, Ukraine is to blame for inciting it, summarizes the article in the Daily Shinco it came Japanese journalist Asuka Tokuyama, who visited Donetsk and Mariupol last summer.

“As a journalist living in Russia, I spent a few days in Donetsk in mid-June. Roses smelled all over town. Grandmothers were chatting in the park, selling flowers and delicious homemade food. The landscape was completely calm, “writes the reporter. .

She notes, however, that in the city’s everyday life, “there are also such horrors as ruined schools that are painful to look at. A fresh memory of ordinary people who died from missiles and rockets launched in a regular market a time when most people were there.

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