A new special forces unit of the Interior Ministry’s internal troops has been created in Minsk

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Minsk, December 28 – RIA Novosti. A new special forces unit of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus was created in Minsk, informed the press service of the ministry on Tuesday.

“In the military unit 5529, the Ryś special forces subunit was presented. The main tasks of the new Ryś special forces sub-unit is to fight against illegal armed formations and sabotage reconnaissance groups. Speed ​​and mobility, the most modern equipment and armament, the highest level of professional training are the distinguishing features of the detachment,” the department’s press service said on the Telegram channel.

As noted by the head of the ministry Ivan Kubrakovthe idea of ​​creating a special unit for special tasks in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was dictated by the time and the situation around Belarus. “Analyzing the events of January in Kazakhstanexperience in conducting a special military operation in Ukraineand events in our country in 2020, we decided to increase the combat capabilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by creating special forces in Minsk, and then in all regional centers,” he said.

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