A US colonel unveiled Biden’s plan to start NATO’s war against Russia

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MOSCOW, May 12 – RIA Novosti. The administration of US President Joe Biden may plan to unleash a war between NATO and Russia, under the pretext of Poland’s invasion of Western Ukraine, writes in a column by the American Conservative Colonel Retired, former adviser to US Secretary of Defense Douglas McGregor.

The specialist noted that the successes of the Russian army in the fighting in the former Soviet republic and the deplorable state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were contrary to Washington’s plans.

“Faced with the unequivocal defeat of US aid, even with the influx of new weapons to save Ukrainian forces from imminent death, the Biden administration is desperately trying to reverse the tide and save face. It seems Poland has proposed a way <…> According to unconfirmed reports from Warsaw, <…> the Polish General Staff was instructed to silently draw up a plan of intervention in the conflict and the occupation of Western Ukraine, ”said McGregor.

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