Another deputy minister of community development of Ukraine has resigned

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MOSCOW, January 24 – RIA Novosti. Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for Community, Territories and Infrastructure Development Vyacheslav Negoda resigned, informed Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Oleksiy Goncharenko.

On Sunday, Ukraine’s specialized anti-corruption prosecutor’s office announced that it had caught the deputy minister for municipalities, territories and infrastructure development and other members of the group in a bribe of 400,000. dollars. According to the Ukrainian media, it was Vasily Lozinski. Later, the Ministry of Infrastructure announced that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dismissed Lozinski from the post of deputy minister of community development. On Tuesday, Deputy Community Development Minister Ivan Lukria announced that he had resigned.

“Apparently, after the scandal around Lozinsky (Infrastructure Minister Alexander), Kubrakow decided to get rid of all deputies from the Ministry of Regional Development (Ministry of Social Development – ed.) – Vyacheslav Negoda, who was responsible for the decentralization of the years, also resigned,” Goncharenko wrote on on your Telegram channel.

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