Belarusian border guards talked about provoking Ukraine with the BTR-80

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MINSK, November 4 – RIA Novosti. The Belarusian State Border Committee informed that at the end of October, the Ukrainian army staged, inter alia, provocation using an armored personnel carrier and a group of armed men in uniform.

“At the border crossing Głuszkiewicze (from the Ukrainian side – Majdan Kopisczański) on October 29 at 13.23 (coincides with Moscow time) CCTV cameras recorded movement towards the border with Belarus Ukrainian BTR-80 with a group of armed men in uniform. After stopping in front of the Ukrainian engineering barriers, the armored personnel carrier turned back and at 1:33 pm set off back deeper into the territory of Ukraine, ”reported a channel of the Belarusian ministry, Telegram.

It was noted that “in response to this provocation, military personnel of the border service of the Republic of Belarus took shooting positions in order to repel possible aggression and destruction of military equipment and manpower in the event of a border breach, reserves were also placed on alert”.

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