Bratislava called the condition for the transfer of tanks to Kiev

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PRAGUE, January 25 – RIA Novosti. Bratislava is ready to move the T-72 tanks to Kiev, but only after they have been “properly replaced,” said Martina Koval-Kakashchikova, a spokeswoman for the Slovak defense ministry, on Wednesday evening.

“We understand the desire Ukraine receive heavy ground vehicles as soon as possible and we are ready to talk about the immediate delivery of Slovak T-72 tanks, but only in the event of a suitable replacement. So far, such negotiations have not taken place,” she is quoted by a TV channel in Bratislava. TA3.

Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy said on Wednesday that one Leopard 2A4 tank has already been used by the Slovak Armed Forces since December 2022, the remaining 14 should gradually come from Germany in 2023 starting in March. According to the minister, the tanks that will come to Slovakia from Germany were built in the 1990s, there are no new models of vehicles.

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