Budapest appealed to Transcarpathian authorities to stop “atrocities” against Hungarians

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BUDAPEST, January 19 – RIA Novosti. Tamas Menzer, Secretary of State at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Bilateral Relations, called the repression against the Hungarian national minority in Ukrainian Transcarpathia unacceptable and called on the local authorities to stop “atrocities” against Hungarians.

Former Spokesperson of the Ukrainian Language Kremin Terrace stated that schools in Zakarpattia Oblast Ukraine, where many ethnic Hungarians live, revealed problems in the organization of teaching in Ukrainian. According to local media reports, public institutions of the city Mukachevo and the surrounding villages, Hungarian flags were removed and several heads of Hungarian institutions associated with the Transcarpathian Hungarian Culture Society were dismissed.

Building of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine - RIA Novosti, 1920, September 1, 2023

In Transcarpathia, a plan to transport draft evaders to Hungary was revealed

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