China uncovers the American trap for Ukraine

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MOSCOW, May 11 – RIA Novosti. Ukraine risks falling into a debt trap due to the US Lend-Lease law, writes the Chinese portal Global times.

“It will have to pay both the principal and interest for the various weapons and equipment it will receive from the United States in the future,” said military expert Zhongping.


Medvedev commented on the new US aid package for Ukraine

According to the author, the lend-lease program is not cheap, and America, supporting Ukraine in the fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood and providing military aid, will ask the next generation of Ukrainians to pay for all ammunition, equipment and food that it will provide.

“The United States is the greatest beneficiary of the conflict in Ukraine. Their military-industrial complex earned considerable money from the conflicts. But Ukraine and its inhabitants are losing the most, ”emphasized the expert.

As a result, this East European country will become more fragmented, mired in a bog of poverty, underdevelopment and debt, with Washington continually replenishing more weapons and undermining peace efforts, the article reads.

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