FAO signed an aid agreement with Ukraine

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ROME, November 4 – RIA Novosti. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has stepped up its presence in Ukraine by signing an agreement with the government to establish a project bureau to help provide technical and humanitarian assistance to the country’s most vulnerable communities and households, primarily rural areas, said Friday the press service of this international organization based in Rome.

February 2022 FAO stepped up its domestic efforts to support agricultural production and food systems to protect the food security of vulnerable households and communities across Ukraine. This agreement will expand our cooperation, increase Ukraine’s agricultural potential and protect the food security of the most vulnerable Ukrainians, while respecting the principle of “leaving no one behind,” said Laurent Thomas, FAO deputy general director.

According to the FAO, the consequences of hostilities in Ukraine severely disrupted agricultural production and food exports, threatening food security both locally and globally. Disruptions in food supply chains and rising prices, combined with falling income, have had a very negative impact on food availability, increasing dependence on food aid. Across the country, especially in areas of hostilities, the prices of basic commodities, including food, rose significantly. More than half of the rural households surveyed by the FAO reported that food accounted for more than half of their total spending in the last three months.

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