FP informed about the quarrel between Poland and Hungary over Russia

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MOSCOW, August 23 – RIA Novosti. Poland and Hungary quarreled over disputes over the Russian special operation in Ukraine, writes Foreign Policy Correspondent Amanda Coakley.

According to her, the prime ministers of the countries Mateusz Morawiecki and Victor Orbán take diametrically opposed positions when assessing the conflict. As Daniel Hegedius, an expert from the German Marshall Fund said, “Poles have stopped trusting their Hungarian partners”.

The illiberal alliance in Central Europe between Hungary and Poland is coming to an end due to differences in attitudes towards the Russian Special Operation. Although Warsaw has become one of Ukraine’s main supporters, calling for tougher sanctions against Moscow and more military aid, Budapest is avoiding all meaningful measures and instead of this he focused on maintaining good relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, ”said Coakley.

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