Georgia cannot supply Ukraine with weapons, says MP

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TBILISI, January 19 – RIA Novosti. Georgian MP Gia Volsky said that Georgia could not supply Ukraine with weapons or military equipment, as this would be tantamount to entering a conflict.

Earlier, the Ukrainian media circulated a statement by the chargé d’affaires of Ukraine in Georgia, Andriy Kasyanov, in which it was reported that Kyiv required Tbilisi the return of the Buk missile systems, which were transferred to Georgia by Ukraine during the 2008 conflict. According to Kasyanov, the request also concerned persons transferred to Georgia Washington Javelin anti-tank systems.

“Our national interest is to support Ukraine, our political position has been unchanging and firm. Let humanitarian aid be important, but not military items or other items. Part of the Georgian territories are occupied and there are threats from the occupier’s country that have existed until today and will exist tomorrow. It is impossible for Kasyanov, Danilov or other representatives of the Ukrainian leadership to demand the supply of what little resources Georgia has at its disposal,” Wolski told reporters.

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