History lessons will tell about a special military operation

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MOSCOW, August 13 – RIA Novosti. The history of the special military operation will become part of the history lessons for high school students, the Ministry of Education of Russia makes appropriate changes to the federal educational standard of general secondary education, document published on the official online legal information portal.

Earlier it turned out that high school and vocational secondary school students will have a new course “Russia – my history”. The emergence of such a course will not increase the burden on students: the history blocks will be rebuilt. To prepare for such lessons, teachers took part in special training courses.

“On” History “(entry level), the subject performance requirements for the basic history course should reflect: <...> understanding the causes and effects of the collapse of the USSR, the rebirth of the Russian Federation as a world power, the reunification of Crimea with Russia, a special military operation in Ukraine and other important events of the 20th-beginning of the 21st century; features of the development of the culture of the peoples of the USSR (Russia) ”the document says.

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