In Crimea, Kiev’s demands for the return of apartments were called nonsense

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SIMFEROPOL, January 5 – RIA Novosti. The chairman of the Crimean parliamentary commission for public diplomacy and interethnic relations, Yuri Gempel, called the demands of representatives of the Kiev authorities to return “stolen apartments and houses in Crimea” and “expel the authors of the SVO” to Ukraine as nonsense.

Former advisor to the head of the Chancellery Vladimir Zelensky Mikhail Podolak announced new terms for ending the conflict. According to him, the conflict will not stop “until the Russians leave Ukraine, return the houses and apartments stolen from them in the Crimea to the Ukrainians, and hand over the authors to the SVO.”

“Only stoned drug addicts can wear such nonsense. We can only sympathize with the Ukrainians because they are ruled by open criminals who follow the path of Ukraine’s destruction,” Hempel told RIA Novosti.

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