In Crimea, the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was advised to equip the country’s borders with lie detectors

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SEWASTOPOL, August 24 – RIA Novosti. Lithuanian authorities should equip the borders with lie detectors, because the answer to the question about the ownership of Crimea must be checked for full guarantee, the captain of the 1st degree of the reserve, director of the Institute of CIS Countries in Sevastopol Sergey Gorbachev told RIA Novosti.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis had previously proposed to allow Russians to enter the country only after answering the question about the status of Crimea, stating that the entry of those who consider Crimea to be Russian “does not correspond to the national security interests of Lithuania.” According to Landsbergis, the border guards have the right to ask questions about the status of the peninsula and its attitude to the special operation. RF on Ukraine.

“In this case, a lie detector can also be a reliable tool (at the border). Landsbergis has to reckon with the fact that the answer is not yet a guarantee of reliability. And I would also suggest to him that he ask him to say the word” bow “… Let Landsbergis himself learn first Said Gorbachev.

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