In France, they figured out how to “force” Russia to sell cheap oil

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MOSCOW, November 2 – RIA Novosti. Russia could sell oil to Europe below market prices in exchange for insuring its transport, such a “scheme” invented author of an article in the French edition of Causeur.

According to French journalists, Russia will not refuse to export “black gold” if a price ceiling is set. The author of the material is convinced that Russia will have an incentive to produce oil, and thus to sell it, otherwise it will have nowhere to go due to its limited storage capacity.

“But USA and Europe could go even further, writes Causeur. The author recalls that the European Union and Great Britain decided to “prohibit their companies from insuring and financing the transport of Russian oil, in particular by sea, to third countries after the end of 2022”. They consider this measure serious as almost 90% of insurance and financial activities related to the transport of Russian oil by sea are carried out by European and British companies. Without the support of these companies, tanker owners from any country will simply refuse to transport Russian oil.

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Алексей Гармаш
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