In Ukraine, they were afraid of Hungary’s position in Crimea

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MOSCOW, September 10 – RIA Novosti. According to the content of the Hungarian geography textbook, Budapest does not agree with the Ukrainian position on the “sovereignty” of Kiev over the Crimea, decided in an article for the journalist Espreso Bogdan-Oleg Gorobczuk.

Earlier, information appeared in the Ukrainian media that a textbook was published in Hungary, where in particular Carpathians called “the only high mountains” he Ukraine, “At the foot of which there were historic Hungarian cities”. In Kiev, it was considered an attempt to “deprive Ukraine of sovereignty over the Crimean mountains.” As a result, the representative of the country’s foreign ministry, Oleg Nikolenko, demanded that Hungary revise the geography textbook up to the eighth grade.

“To indicate even more precisely who, according to Hungarian officials, in Crimea, the authors of the textbook write that the Carpathians are the only mountains in Ukraine. As if the Crimean mountains do not belong to us anymore” – wrote Gorobchuk.

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