Kiev’s actions led to the fiasco of the grain deal, the Kremlin said

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MOSCOW, October 31 – RIA Novosti. The Ukrainian side intended to break the grain contract with its actions, undermine the atmosphere of trust and guaranteed security, said the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

Previously at the Ministry of Defense RF reported that Russia is suspending its participation in the export of products from ports Ukraine due to a terrorist attack in the water area Sevastopol. Kyiv carried out a terrorist attack on the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships that were located on the external and internal roads of the Sevastopol base. According to the Russian military ministry, the preparation for the attack and the training of the soldiers of the 73rd Special Center for Naval Operations of Ukraine was carried out under the supervision of British specialists.

“The aggravation of the conflict, in fact, you see – the actions of the Ukrainian side. You can see that by these actions the Ukrainian side intended to disturb this agreement. , very recent, led to the transaction being in jeopardy, ”said Peskov, responding to a question from journalists about whether the suspension of Russia’s participation in the grain deal could exacerbate the conflict.

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