Krasowski apologized for the statement about Ukrainian children

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MOSCOW, October 24 – RIA Novosti. Journalist Anton Krasowski he asked sorry for talking about the kids.

Previously, the writer Krasowski was in the program Sergey Lukyanenko I said as a child Ukraine the children told him that “Ukraine is occupied by Moscow.” Krasowski replied that “they should have been drowned”, “he said that the Muscovites were seized – and you immediately throw them straight into the river with a stormy current”, “to hammer and burn these children in Smerekov’s hut.” Glavred RT Margarita Simonyan she called Krasowski’s statement “wild and disgusting” and said she had terminated the TV channel’s cooperation with him.

“Look, I’m really ashamed that somehow I didn’t see that border. About children. Well, it happens like this: you sit in the air, you are carried. And you can’t stop. It seemed wild, unthinkable and insurmountable. I hope you will forgive me – wrote Krasowski in his Telegram channel.

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