Kyiv is threatening to attack the Crimean Bridge as soon as possible

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MOSCOW, July 16 – RIA Novosti. Alexei Arestovich, adviser to Vladimir Zelensky’s office head, said Ukraine could attack the Crimean Bridge “as soon as the first technical possibility appears.” This is Kiev’s second statement that day about the possibility of hitting the bridge, previously a similar statement was issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

“As soon as the first technical possibility appears, (the bridge – editorial note) will immediately become this object (which can be attacked – editorial note) … If there are restrictions on the part of partners, because they can see the full picture, do not hit the territory of the Russian Federation – so we will not hit. We have targets in the territory Ukraine enough. By the way, the Crimean Bridge … passes through the territorial waters of Ukraine, “Arestowicz said on the Feigin Live channel on YouTube (Mark Feigin filed by the Ministry of Justice RF to the list of media and foreign agents).

Alexei Arestowicz - RIA Nowosti, 1920, November 7, 2022

Arestowicz proclaimed Ukrainians “warriors of light”

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