Moskalkova said in what language she communicates with the Ukrainian Ombudsman

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MOSCOW, January 11 – RIA Novosti. Human Rights Commissioner in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova informedthat negotiations with the Ombudsman of Ukraine, Dmitry Lubinets, take place outside the public space in Russian, which is spoken fluently by a Ukrainian colleague.

“In public space, Lubinets speaks Ukrainian, when we meet with our missions – with our representatives of the apparatus, we speak Russian. They speak fluent Russian, most of them graduated from Russian schools, there is no language barrier,” Moskalkova told the TV channel “Russia 1”, answering the question in which language negotiations with the Ukrainian commissioner are conducted.

According to her, the conversation is pragmatic because “everyone is interested in helping specific people.” The meeting Moskalkova – Lubinets was held earlier on Wednesday at Ankara on the sidelines of an international conference of ombudsmen.

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