Patrushev listed the goals of the special operation in Ukraine “

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CHABAROWSK, July 5 – RIA Nowosti. The goals of the Russian special operation will be achieved despite the fact that the United States and other Western countries are providing military assistance to Ukraine, said Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council.

The purpose of the special operation is to ensure the protection of the population from genocide by the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime, demilitarization and de-Naziization of the territory Ukrainein fact, in order to achieve its neutral status, which is enshrined in the Ukrainian constitution, Patrushev said, speaking on Khabarovsk at a meeting devoted to national security.

“Despite the military aid provided by the United States and the West to Ukraine, and the growing supply of lethal weapons, these goals will be achieved,” stressed the secretary of the Security Council.

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