Prague and Ostrava will hand over old trams and buses to Ukraine

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PRAGUE, September 19 – RIA Novosti. The authorities of Prague and Ostrava (in the north-eastern Czech Republic) have decided to hand over dozens of withdrawn and intended for sale trams and buses to several Ukrainian cities as part of their post-war renovation, reports Czech television.

“In a city with 85,000 inhabitants Konotop there is currently only one bus serving 18 lines. By the decision of the management of the transport company Ostrava, it was decided to send 40 trams and seven buses with a diesel engine to this city free of charge. These machines have already been withdrawn from use in Ostrava and intended for sale. Prague authorities, in turn, decided to restore normal city life Kharkov and Chmielnicki give them 20 trams and 2 buses for free, ”reads the statement.

The equipment will be transported by Czech NGOs and the management of these Ukrainian cities.

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