Reuters: Ukraine asked Canada for turbines for Nord Stream

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MOSCOW, July 8 – RIA Novosti. Kyiv asked Ottawa not to transfer a turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Moscow, writes Reuters, citing a high official of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy.

“The sanctions prohibit the transfer of any gas related equipment. If God forbid this decision to hand over the turbine will be approved, we will undoubtedly ask our European colleagues to reconsider their approach. on sanctions, how can we talk about solidarity? ” – said the source of the agency.


The Russian ambassador spoke about the negotiations on turbines for Nord Stream

Gazprom“The supply has decreased since mid-Juneabout “Midnight Sweateye ”, explaining it with the German situation Siemenswhich due to sanctions Canada against the Russian company, he cannot return the turbine from the Portovaya compressor station to repair.

Following the restrictions, Gazprom announced that it would be able to deliver gas through Nord Stream up to one hundred million cubic meters per day, with a planned 167 million, as there are currently only three gas compressors (GCU). used there.

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