Russia is not elevating neo-Nazis to the rank of national heroes, Putin said

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LORD, September 7 – RIA Novosti. Unlike Ukraine, Russia does not elevate neo-Nazis to the rank of “national heroes,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“All the time (European partners) they answer me:“ Well, you have neo-Nazis (like in Ukraine) and we have them. This is. But neither in our country, nor in other civilized countries, these Nazis are the raised and extreme nationalists of the Nazi conviction to rank as national heroes. It’s the difference. And in Ukraine this is what they are doing, said Putin at the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum.

WEF takes place on September 5-8 on campus Far Eastern Federal University on the island Russian in Vladivostok. RIA Novosti acts as the general media partner of the forum.

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Алексей Гармаш
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