RVIO told how to rewrite Mazepa non-existent traits in Ukraine

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MOSCOW, July 10 – RIA Novosti. Russia’s victory in the Battle of Poltava ended a series of betrayals of Hetman Ivan Mazepa, who today has become a “hero” and “role model” for modern Ukraine, Mikhail Miagkov, scientific director of the Russian Military Historical Society, told RIA Novosti.

sunday in Russia Celebrates Military Glory Day – Russia’s victory over Sweden and the Cossack refugees who joined them under the command of Hetman Ivan Mazepa in the Battle of Poltava (1709). The defeat of the Swedes Poltava became a turning point that determined the entire course of the Northern War (1700-1721), as a result of which Russia gained access to Baltic Sea and great power status.

“The Battle of Poltava put everything in its place – at that time the serial traitor Ivan Mazepa promised the Swedish king Charles XII” winter housing “, supplies, and most importantly – tens of thousands of Zaporizhia Cossacks to fight Moscow and, which was to be expected, no fulfilled none of his promises. He escaped with Charles and disappeared into the steppes of Bessarabia, the place of his grave is still unknown. Thus ended his “career” traitor, Myagkov said.

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