Senator Tsekov commented on Zelensky’s “peace formula”.

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MOSCOW, November 15 – RIA Novosti. The “formula of peace” proposed by Vladimir Zelensky in his speech at the G20 with unacceptable demands on Russia indicates that he is not authorized to make any serious decisions in the current situation and is not interested in it, Crimean Senator Sergey Tsekov told RIA Novosti.

Zelensky said that during an online speech at the G20 summit, he presented his vision of steps to restore peace in Ukraine, consisting of 10 points. Moscow has repeatedly signaled its readiness to negotiate, but Kyiv has imposed a legislative ban on them. Earlier at the G20, Zelensky said that “there will be no Minsk-3”. Kyiv reluctance to negotiate.


Zelensky at the G20 summit announced his “peace formula” in Ukraine

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