Snowden spoke sarcastically about the discovery of Biden’s secret documents

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MOSCOW, January 12 – RIA Novosti. Former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden said US President Joe Biden appears to have more classified documents than many whistleblowers.

“It is worth noting that the president probably took more secret documents than many whistleblowers. In comparison, Reality Winner (convicted in the US for a leak from the National Security Agency – ed.) was sentenced to five years for just one document. Meanwhile, Biden, (Donald) Trump, (Bill) Clinton, (David) Petraeus…these guys have dozens, hundreds of (documents – ed.) And no prison,” Snowden tweeted.

In his opinion, the real scandal in the case of the president is not that Biden took the secret documents, but that the US Department of Justice discovered them a week before the midterm elections and decided to keep the story quiet.

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Алексей Гармаш
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