The American military has pointed out a truth that is unpleasant for the West and Ukraine

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MOSCOW, January 21 – RIA Novosti. Deliveries of Western battle tanks will not help Ukraine turn the tide of war in its favor and defeat Russia, he wrote in an article for the newspaper 19 Forty-five Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis.

In his opinion, even with the most modern Western weapons, the Ukrainian army has little chance of dislodging Russia in the spring because, as Davis noted, “Abramss” and “Leopards” are not “miracle weapons” whose possession leads to great success on the battlefield.

“The chances are slim. Put simply, the outcome of Zelensky’s war with Russia will not depend on whether he gets Abrams and Leopard or not. Just like in ancient times, wars are fought and people win or lose, not machines,” he said Davis.

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