The analyst announced a decline in support for anti-Russian sanctions by US residents

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WASHINGTON, June 13 – RIA Novosti. On the eve of the mid-term congressional elections, US citizens are becoming less enthusiastic about the sanctions imposed on Russia by President Joe Biden’s administration, believing that the authorities should focus on addressing internal problems such as record inflation and uncontrolled fuel price increases. prices, said Patrick Basham, director of the RIA Novosti Democracy Institute.

The latest series of public polls clearly showed that more than half of the respondents in USA I do not accept actions Joe Bidenconcerning Russia and Ukraineand the measures taken by its administration in the field of the economy. According to these statistics, on average only a third of those polled positively assess Biden’s “economic recovery” policy, his efforts to lower inflation, and his efforts to reduce the cost of gasoline.

“Today, Americans continue to support Ukraine and criticize Russia in this conflict, but their support for specific anti-Russian measures has declined significantly,” Basham said, commenting on polls that were disappointing for the democratic administration.

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