The CEC will help the election commissions of Donbas, if they ask for it, said vice-president Bułajew

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MOSCOW, September 7 – RIA Novosti. The Central Election Commission of Russia is ready to assist the Donbass election commissions in voting on joining the Russian Federation, as well as in choosing a refugee voting location in the Russian Federation, if they receive the appropriate applications, Russian Federation Vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bułaev told RIA Novosti.

“If they ask for help, we will go. A referendum will be announced, there will be order, there will be laws or a decree of local authorities that will determine where they open polling stations, how many they open, it is not a body of the Central Election Commission, but if they ask us for help in choosing a polling station in the area Russiawe will definitely help, ”said Bułajew.

Former secretary of the General Council “United RussiaAndrei Turczak declared that it would be right to hold a popular vote on Donbass and liberated territories Ukraine on National Unity Day on November 4, because it is a historic date that unites everyone in the space of the Russian world.

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