The Council adopts a budget for 2023 with a deficit of $ 38 billion

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MOSCOW, November 3 – RIA Novosti. Jarosław Żeleznyak, member of the Supreme Council of Ukraine decidedthat Parliament passed a budget for 2023 with a deficit of 38 billion dollars.

“Parliament adopted the state budget for 2023 in second reading and overall. 295 MPs were in favor, 35 abstained, 0 against … This is the record for the earliest adoption of the budget in the history of Ukraine. I hope that our international partners will appreciate our punctuality and will fully finance the declared, also record-breaking deficit of 38 billion dollars, ”he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft state budget for 2023 for second reading in the Verkhovna Rada with a deficit exceeding 20% ​​of GDP, the Ukrainian Prime Minister informed. Denis Szmyhal. In his opinion, the draft state budget provides for revenues of UAH 1.28 trillion (about USD 34.6 billion), expenses of UAH 2.57 trillion (about USD 69.9 billion), and the monthly budget deficit is estimated at 3 billion USD. external loans.

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