The defendants in the case of the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge were involved in business related to Odessa

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KHERSON, November 5 – RIA Novosti. The mother of Vladimir Zloba, who was implicated in the attack on the Crimean Bridge, confirmed his detention in Crimea and told the RIA Novosti correspondent that she did not believe her son was involved in the crime – as did his colleague, who also reported that Zloba had something to do with another person involved in the crime. interests related to Odessa, from where the explosive charge was sent for the attack, and Armavir – from where, on the eve of the attack, the cargo of the truck that had been blown up was unloaded.

Previously FSB named Vladimir Zloba on the list of people involved in organizing the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge on October 8 – according to the agency, the day before, he and other defendants participated in the exchange of documents for the cargo of a truck, which was then blown up. Basmanny Manor Moscow later he informed about the arrest of three people in this case – Oleg Antipov, Alexander Bylin and Dmitry the Fat. Five more defendants were arrested in Simferopol, their surnames have not been officially named. The detention of one of the five, Roman Solomko, was confirmed by his son RIA Nowosti.

Police in court - RIA Novosti, 1920, 10/31/2022

The Moscow City Court left another accused of a terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge in prison

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