The editor-in-chief of “Vecherniye Vedomosti” found a document of a participant in the State Department program

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Yekaterinburg, September 8 – RIA Novosti. A certificate of participation in the US State Department’s Open World exchange program was found during a search of the apartment of Władysław Postnikov, editor-in-chief of the online publication “Wieczernije Vedomosti,” a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the source reported that searches were carried out in Postnikov’s apartment in the criminal case of the former MP on Thursday morning. State Duma Ilya Ponomarevarrested in absentia in a criminal case for fakes against Armed Forces of the RF.


A source reported a search of the editor-in-chief of Vecherniye Vedomosti in Yekaterinburg

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