The expert told how beneficial for the United States is prolonging the conflict in Ukraine

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MOSCOW, January 12 – RIA Novosti. The West, building military and financial aid to Kiev, is increasingly involved in the conflict in Ukraine, delaying hostilities is a multi-billion dollar business for the United States and the leadership of Ukraine. Alexei Martynov, director of the International Research Institute United States, told RIA Novosti.

Defense Minister on Tuesday Canada Anita Ananda confirmed purchase from USA NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system for Ukraine. On Wednesday, the Financial Times, citing a representative of the Prime Minister’s Office Great Britain Rishi Sunak reported that the British government had confirmed that the UK plans to supply tanks to Ukraine. Previously president Poland Andrzej Duda at a press conference in Lviv announced that Poland would hand over a company of Leopard tanks to Ukraine as part of an international coalition. The German Foreign Ministry reported that the German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock during an unannounced visit to Kharkov promised Ukraine new arms supplies.


The US Senate will ask Biden for a report on aid to Ukraine

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