The French attacked Macron because of Russia

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MOSCOW, July 15 – RIA Novosti. French newspaper readers Le Figaro They were outraged by the statement by French President Emmanuel Macron that he would fight Russia and that he was ready to make sacrifices for the good of Ukraine.

“Sorry, but I am against this support for Ukraine,” said Jackpot001.


The EU decides to limit aid to Ukraine, writes Bloomberg

“The Ukrainians had to abide by the Minsk agreements. Why would I pay if they didn’t? ” Anonymous asked.

“I agree with the observance of the Minsk agreements. We got all this horror because some people did not respect the Minsk agreements. And also because FOR THIS he wants to control everything ”, backed Salluste10

“Until now, sanctions are externalities designed to please our ego. However, there are very real consequences for us: for example, the euro has fallen below the dollar, ”wrote Marco54.

It protects the interests of the business community North America and politically Washington. That’s all he cares about. There are no plans for French interests, ‘concluded the readers.

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