The Hungarian prime minister says the EU economy would have avoided a recession without sanctions

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BUDAPEST, September 22 – RIA Novosti. If the sanctions in Russia are lifted, prices and inflation in Europe fall immediately, the European economy may recover and avoid recession, decided Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

“If the sanctions were lifted, prices would fall immediately by half, and inflation would also fall. Without sanctions, the European economy would regain its strength and could avoid the impending recession, ”quoted Orban Magyar Nemzet at the meeting of the ruling coalition of the Fidesz Party and the Christian Democratic People’s Party.

Orban reiterated that the sanctions were the cause of economic problems, the energy crisis and inflation. “When in Brussels in the early summer, these sanctions were introduced, the European bureaucrats did not promise. They promised that the sanctions would hit Russia, not Europeans. It has since become clear that the sanctions imposed are doing more harm to Europe than to Russia, he said.

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