The Italian Prime Minister commented on the country’s dependence on gas from Russia

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ROME, July 20 – RIA Novosti. Italy’s dependence on Russian gas supplies was unsustainable and the result of decades of dangerous and short-sighted decisions, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said.

Speaking to the Senate of the national parliament in the aftermath of the political crisis, he described how the government strongly condemned the actions Russia on UkraineHowever, it began to contribute to the search for a peaceful solution to the conflict, including on grain deliveries from Ukrainian ports.

“We have taken swift action to overcome our unsustainable energy dependence on Russia, which was the result of decades of short-sighted and dangerous decisions. Within a few months, we have reduced Russian gas imports from 40% to less than 25% of the total and intend to bring them to zero in a year and a half.” – He said.

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