The new head of the UN General Assembly expressed hope for the extension of the food deal

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UN, September 12 – RIA Nowosti. Csaba Koroshi, chairman of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, expressed the hope that the “product agreement” would be extended after 120 days of operation.

“I appreciate the efforts of the UN Secretary General, who negotiated an agreement to continue the export of grain and fertilizers from Ukraine and from Russia. This should be continued and I hope that the export agreement will be extended after 120 days (after the start of its work – editorial note), ”Koroshi told reporters.

In Istanbul On July 22, multilateral agreements were signed to lift restrictions on the supply of Russian export products and to help Russia export Ukrainian grain. The agreement signed by representatives of Russia, TurkeyUkraine and the United Nations concern the export of Ukrainian grain, food and fertilizers Black Sea with three ports, incl Odessa.

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