The Ukrainian ambassador asked subscribers to pay for his daughter’s studies in London

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MOSCOW, August 14 – RIA Novosti. The Ukrainian ambassador to Australia, Vasily Miroshnichenko, posted a post on Facebook * (banned in Russia), asking for help in raising funds “for my daughter’s education at one of the UK’s universities.”

“After a few months in Canberra Yasya went to Great Britain, where she will start studies at University College London. She grew up with my stories from there so couldn’t resist this opportunity, especially after a few solo trips to London. <…> Friends, help raise money for the first year of studies and life, ”wrote the diplomat on July 21, supplementing the entry with a link to the fundraising page.

According to the website data, to cover the first year of study and residence in the capital city Great Britain Miroshnichenko’s daughter needs £ 30,000. At the moment, he has collected just over three thousand and still hasn’t deleted the post.

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