The US made it clear that the West would not forgive Zelensky

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MOSCOW, November 23 – RIA Novosti. The reaction of the West to the incident with the dropping of a Ukrainian missile on Poland and Vladimir Zelensky’s statements on this matter have shown that absolutely everything will be “forgiven” to Kiev, except for independent negotiations with Russia, writes US Conservative columnist Bradley Devlin.

As the author notes, despite the many unknown variables in the first hours after the incident, Zelensky immediately “used the opportunity to beg for further help” from the West, also demanding the application of the fifth article of the Charter FOR THIS. “The danger that this conflict could spiral out of control and escalate into a third world war or a nuclear war did not deter Zelensky in any way,” he states.


The US warns of a “Ukrainian quagmire” engulfing the White House

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