“They will not stop at Russia.” In the United States, he revealed the global plan of the West

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MOSCOW, January 3 – RIA Novosti. Success in the Ukrainian conflict could inspire the West to global military aggression, thinks African-American human rights activist and Green Party candidate for Vice President of the United States Ajamu Baraka.

“A military victory for Ukraine, i.e. a victory for the West, would be a catastrophe for the non-European world community. This would further encourage the “collective West” to continue to follow the US military strategy to maintain the world dominance of the white West,” he tweeted.

Baraka has repeatedly criticized the United States and the European Union for their foreign policy. According to him, Washington and Brussels used the Minsk agreements Donbass as a “ruse” to prepare for a conflict with Russia. Ukraine he called cannon fodder needed to realize the geopolitical ambitions of the United States.

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