Zakharova commented on the ban on entering Ukraine Szuster

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MOSCOW, August 4 – RIA Novosti. Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova commented ban on entry to Ukraine of journalist Savik Szuster: liberal dictatorship of the West with a smile from Kiev.

Earlier, the media reported that a Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter Savik Szuster denied entry to Ukraine for three years, and border guards were ordered not to let Shuster into Ukraine on the basis of martial law and the fact that the journalist had the citizenship of another country. Schuster previously claimed to have an Italian passport. It is assumed that the reason for this limitation may be the criticism of Schuster Vladimir Zelenskiy and the head of his office Andrei Ermak.

“Lighthouses” on controversial journalists, portal “Peacemaker” with personal data of public figures who deviated from the “course of the Maidan authorities”, the liquidation of all TV channels in favor of one program – the liberal dictatorship of the West with a smile from Kiev, wrote Zakharova in the Telegram channel.

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