Zelenskiy has appointed a new head of the military administration of the city of Kiev

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MOSCOW, October 24 – RIA Novosti. Volodymyr Zelensky appointed a new head of the city’s military administration in Kiev, and Colonel-General Serhiy Popko was replaced by Nikolai Zhirnov, Zelensky’s office reported on Monday.

“President Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree appointing Serhiy Popko as head of the Kiev military administration. In this post, he replaced Nikolai Zhirnov. The head of state expressed the conviction that the combat experience of Sergei Popko will help to strengthen the defense and security of the capital, “Zelensky’s office reported in the press release.

According to Zelenskiy’s office, Popko graduated from the Kiev Textile Command College in 1982. He served as platoon commander, battalion commander, unit commander and chief of staff of a mechanized division. After graduating from the National Defense Academy of Ukraine in 2002, where he received training at the operational and strategic level, he served in managerial positions, served in Iraq. In the years 2016-2019 he was the Commander of the Land Forces the armed forces of Ukraine.

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