A Czech journalist accused the head of the Ministry of National Defense of backwardness because of his words about Russia

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MOSCOW, April 28 — RIA Novosti. Journalist Jiří Pokorny in an article for the Halo Noviny newspaper criticized to the head of the Czech defense ministry, Yana Chernokhov, for her critical remarks towards Moscow and declared her “backwardness” in her perception of the world situation.

In particular, as the author of the publication wrote, earlier a Czech politician called for an exclusion Russia from the Security Council The United Nations because of the military operation Ukraine. According to him, she also turned to an international organization with a proposal: «If they do not punish the Russians, let them break up.»

«The statements of Mrs. Czernochowa, who became the Minister of Defense, show that her views on the development of post-war world history were backward,» said Pokorny.

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