A mass rally in support of Russia is taking place in the Serbian capital

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BELGRADE, April 15 — RIA Novosti. Massive protest action «Not in my name», related to Serbia’s vote to withdraw Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, began Friday evening in downtown Belgrade, reports a RIA Novosti correspondent.

In Serbia On March 4 and 24, mass campaigns of right-wing patriotic organizations for support took place Russia and against FOR THIS under the slogan «Serbs and Russians are brothers forever!». The organizers were the same social and political movements as on Friday — «People’s Patrol» by Damnyan Knezevic, the movement «Image» by Mladen Obradovic. This time, the arrival of representatives of movements that have crossed the 3% barrier and will enter the new parliamentary convocation, including «Doors» and «Treasury», has been planned.


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