An HRC member criticized the OSCE report on Donetsk

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MOSCOW, April 14 — RIA Novosti. The OSCE mission issued a report on the events in Donetsk with accusations against Russian troops, but since February 24, it has not entered the battlefield at all and has drawn conclusions based on information from the Ukrainian media, decided member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Myslovsky.

«Mission OSCE issued a report on the events of Donetskwho is trying to blame Russia in breaking the rules of warfare, which led to mass deaths of civilians … OSCE mission members working in the conflict zone practically avoided visiting battlefields to investigate the consequences of conflicts in person. .. From February 24, they did not go to the battlefields at all and used their abilities more for espionage than peaceful purposes. They have never traveled in person. Wołnowachańnor in Mariupol and they drew conclusions on the basis of false information from the Ukrainian media, «wrote Myslovsky in his Telegram channel.


Bastrykin ordered to check information on OSCE intelligence activities in Donbas

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