Azov’s fighters set up an ammunition depot at the Urzuf sanatorium

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THE VILLAGE OF URZUF (DPR), April 17 — RIA Novosti. According to the correspondent of RIA Novosti, neo-Nazis from the Ukrainian Azov regiment, against whom a criminal case has been initiated against fighters in the Russian Federation, placed an ammunition depot on the premises of a recreation complex in Yalta near Mariupol.

This health complex in the village of Urzuf on the coast Sea of ​​Azovabout 40 kilometers west of Mariupol«Azov» chose to be their base. Here, on the well-kept grounds, there are brick houses up to several floors high, cypresses are planted along the alley, gazebos and swimming pools are equipped, there is a sports ground and beach access. The base is currently abandoned.

«The ammunition depot is located (in the basement) under the Yalta health complex. There are a huge number of ammunition boxes. Walk carefully here — the territory is large and unfortunately you can’t check everything for» surprises, «reports the correspondent.

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