Breaks in stabilization will continue in Ukraine

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MOSCOW, November 14 — RIA Novosti. Dmitry Sakharuk, executive director of the Ukrainian energy holding DTEK, said that the power outages in Ukraine will continue.

«We came across a fairly important facility, and it is already repaired. And we got there the next day after it was put into use. God forbid that we get along with the schedules of stabilization stops, and there were no emergency shutdowns» … Now the program is at its maximum to have schedules and live by them, hoping we can fix the following, including those that have been broken. Unfortunately, the damage that was last week is significant, enough unique devices were damaged. Replacement is impossible without manufacturing,” Sakharuk told the United News telethon.

Formerly at National Energy Company»UkrenergoIt was reported that one of the key energy facilities in Ukraine was severely damaged last week.

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