Electricity prices are soaring in the Czech Republic

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MOSCOW, April 16 — RIA Novosti. There has been a sharp increase in electricity prices in the Czech Republic, and our hopes for an improvement in the situation are fading in front of our eyes, writes The Lidówki newspaper.

This year, suppliers are paying three times more for next year’s electricity than in 2021. A megawatt hour of electricity with delivery next year now costs 194 euros, for 2024 141 euros and for 2025 120 euros. Sales for 2026 started at 105 euros. Overall, the cost of a megawatt hour has fluctuated around 30-50 euros in recent years, the report reads.

The cost of gas increased even more. Deliveries for next year are sold for 93 euros, and for 69 euros for 2024. The average cost of gas in recent years has fluctuated around EUR 15-20.

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