Expert: Sanctions against Russia are hitting Colombian agriculture

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BOGOTA, April 15 — RIA Novosti. Colombia, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) closest partner in the Latin America region, is suffering from sanctions against Russia — agricultural exports worth $ 139 million and a third of fertilizer imports are attacked, a professor at the School of Public Administration and a scientist at the Center told RIA Novosti An analysis of the fiscal policy of the National University of Colombia Diego Carrero Baron.

“Colombia exports (to Russia — ed.) Beef, flowers, coffee, bananas, butter and dairy products for $ 139 million a year. Thus, the livestock and agricultural sectors will suffer the most, ”said the economist.

In addition to the export of products, which may be hampered by the constraints of the Russian financial sector, the agriculture of this Latin American country now faces the problem of fertilizer supply. Share Russia and Belarus previously accounted for up to a third of fertilizer, urea and manure imports, the volume of imports from Russia in 2021 amounted to USD 477 million USA.

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